Bank The Way You Blink. Easssssy!

₹0 Balance Account #
0% Commission on Mutual Funds
7% interest* p.a. on your savings


Zero Balance Account#. That's Right!

Bank hassle-free because we won't pester you for the account balance

Save up more with this 2 in 1 account:

Earn 7% interest* p.a.
on your savings

Invest in mutual funds at 0% commission on your NiyoX App

Exclusive Joining Offers

NiyoX offers you a 2-in-1 Savings and Wealth account, the perfect place to start if you’re looking to open a zero balance savings account. With our intuitive app, the process of opening your zero balance account online is quick and easy since we’re here to make banking simple, safe and smart. The 2-in-1 offering of the 0 balance account gives you access to a wealth management suite as well so that your money works for you. It’s fast, it’s efficient, and it’s 100% paperless. Earn a whopping 7% interest p.a.* with ₹0 Balance Account when you open a savings account with NiyoX.

Zero Balance Account

Tired of paying money to have your money kept safe? We hear you, which is why we don’t pester you for account balance. Even if you cannot maintain the minimum balance, we don’t ask for any maintenance charges.

Easy Peasy but not Sleazy

With NiyoX, you can open your bank account online in just a few minutes. Everything is fast and efficient, and we look after your money. When we say zero balance account, we say that without twisting our mustache or sporting an evil grin.

Save more with a 2-in-1 account

Up to 7% interest on your savings: When you open a 0 balance account with NiyoX, you can earn industry-best 7%* interest p.a on your savings.

Save, Invest, Grow: If you find investments difficult to understand, don’t worry! NiyoX is on a mission to demystify banking. In addition to helping you with 0 balance account opening, it offers wealth management with Niyo Money. The up-to-date recommendations will make it simple to start investing in direct mutual funds and make your money work for you. We help you earn and 0% commission on mutual funds means we do it for free!

Exclusive Joining Offers

When you open a new account with zero balance using NiyoX, you get a range of exclusive offers to choose from. We also run frequent rewards programs where you can earn cashbacks on every transaction you make with your 0 balance account. You can check them out on the NiyoX app or on the NiyoX Community.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the App Store or Google Play store and get the NiyoX app now!